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Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..   I want to share a post I wrote for an old blog from February 27th, 2008 – posted at 4:21AM So here’s a thought –  Good morning! And what a beautiful morning it is. I just wanted to say hello to all,… Continue Reading “Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..”

Fact or Fiction: People care about content in social media posts?

Facebook is trying to save itself from the mass exodus of their users – thinking it’s because of the type of content that saturates our newsfeeds, when in reality – I think people are just getting bored and looking for something more exciting.. you know, like taking a picture with a puppy filter.. real quality stuff. 

no diggity.

How are we to come up with a decision without thought? you may laugh at this question, but I believe the new trend is to make “impulse” decisions.. act now, fix it later.. or better yet, let someone else fix it. Our actions have… Continue Reading “no diggity.”

A hand-made tomorrow starts with recognition today. Here now, possible because of yesterday.

we forget that we are a wave chasing the shore, alone it would take too long…

Get lost.

With so many destinations, are we ever lost?

Has it become more difficult to lose your way than it has to find it?