no diggity.

How are we to come up with a decision without thought?

you may laugh at this question, but I believe the new trend is to make “impulse” decisions.. act now, fix it later.. or better yet, let someone else fix it.

Our actions have consequences, better yet, the lack of actions have consequences. We have to think out our decisions, rationale and purpose: all of the above, before acting on these “impulses”.

There is a process to be had when deciding on something, so many factors come in to play, yet it’s becoming more and more apparent that we only think out one of the many factors: the “what’s in it for me”.. which is ok to *think* about… but basing our decisions primarily on this factor would be leaving out many other possible conclusions…

Actions=results..  wait, what? Poor actions=poor results.. yeah, that’s more accurate.

Think about it, I’m a true believer of: “what you put into it, you get out of it”.. but what are you putting your time towards? is it just a “what is in it for me” situation or is it “how will this better me, help me get to where I want to be” It’s not about the “what’s next” rather “what’s the purpose, and how do I fit?”.

If we only apply this aspect of rationale into our decisions I believe the end result will be more beneficial for everyone at stake.

Do what you must, be who you will, but strive to be a better you. Think, step, think again, and jump, and thank others for helping you make the leap.

Make it possible, live, reflect, embrace and live on.

no diggity..

Tom and crew March 2006


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