BSA 232 Social Media Follow-Back List 2021

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Featured Image: Tom’s first selfie posted on Facebook March 2006

Simply follow these fellow students’ blogs and they will follow you back. That’s the deal, if they follow you – you should follow them back. If you are unsure who they are you can always look at this list to verify they are a fellow student. I also encourage you to jump around on the list and not to just go in order.. remember, if they follow you – you follow them back. The idea is to help one another become more discoverable!

  1. https://makeup377156551.wordpress.com/
  2. https://operation451866821.wordpress.com/
  3. https://samanthasuephotography.wordpress.com/
  4. https://jeffsthrivingjourney.wordpress.com/
  5. https://halliepederson.wordpress.com
  6. https://uspublic.wordpress.com/
  7. https://bethanysjourney21.wordpress.com/
  8. https://mnmspecialphotography.wordpress.com/
  9. https://areselphoto.wordpress.com/
  10. https://letstalkwithash.wordpress.com/
  11. https://chatswithaj.wordpress.com/
  12. https://samoutdooradventures.wordpress.com/
  13. https://socialissuesartdawsotto.wordpress.com/
  14. https://vikingsnews1961.wordpress.com/
  15. https://fishingtipssd.wordpress.com/
  16. https://tyslifeespisodes.wordpress.com/
  17. https://ashleypparks.wordpress.com/
  18. https://brooklynshafer.wordpress.com
  19. https://smallbusinesshelp263703879.wordpress.com/
  20. https://julieescott535393712.wordpress.com/
  21. https://dwirecattlewoman.wordpress.com
  22. https://carsenbartels.wordpress.com/
  23. https://suttonsmomcom.wordpress.com/
  24. https://masonschulte.wordpress.com/
  25. https://kylersintriguingthoughts.wordpress.com/
  26. https://kargeshomecooking.wordpress.com/
  27. https://ashleyking364574207.wordpress.com/
  28. https://abigailstarr.wordpress.com
  29. https://thewoodenwallblog.wordpress.com/
  30. https://brandisbtchinkitchen.wordpress.com
  31. https://greeneyegoon.wordpress.com
  32. https://zharmeningblog.wordpress.com/
  33. https://amesgus.wordpress.com/
  34. https://guitarplace996858088.wordpress.com/
  35. https://coachdanibachar.wordpress.com/
  36. https://kristinasbloginsd.wordpress.com/

2020 Follow-back list

The following BSA 232 students have requested to be on the follow-back list.

Simply follow these fellow students’ blogs and they will follow you back. That’s the deal, if they follow you – you should follow them back. If you are unsure who they are you can always look at this list to verify they are a fellow student. I also encourage you to jump around on the list and not to just go in order.. remember, if they follow you – you follow them back. The idea is to help one another become more discoverable!


2019 BSA 232 Follow-back list

The following BSA 232 students have requested to be on the follow-back list.

Simply follow these fellow students’ blogs and they will follow you back. That’s the deal, if they follow you – you should follow them back. If you are unsure who they are you can always look at this list to verify they are a fellow student.
















































Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..



I want to share a post I wrote for an old blog from

February 27th, 2008 – posted at 4:21AM

So here’s a thought – 

Good morning!

And what a beautiful morning it is.
I just wanted to say hello to all, tonight I was able to share a few drinks with friends, and managed to make a few new friends, perfect.

Now that I am all situated in our new place, life seems to be at peace.

I was on a week long binge of hate, for no real reason, I was just pissed off at the world, but this feeling faded.. actually quite abruptly, last night at about 11pm – all was well again.

I had an interesting experience last week – the walls were melting, everything was a color it was not suppose to be – to bring it to reality – it was like I was on acid – or so the experiences I have been told were experienced that night, I have no idea why this happened, I assure you, I was completely sober, but maybe it was a sign, things were not going in the direction they should be going, I didn’t do very much to resolve my “episode”, other then a little time and self reflection, which was enough – a cure all.

Where am I going with this? – no idea.

But you’ve read thus far, so please, humor me, and keep reading. 

Life becomes tough at times, things just do not make sense, no matter how hard you try – but perhaps you are not suppose to “make sense” of these “things” – they are only suppose to happen. this is what I did, I just allowed them to happen.
Just today, I made a new friend, someone who took the time to ask about me, very random, but at the split second they asked “tell me more”.. I had the decision, do I make the most of this – or do I let yet another opportunity slip. I sat down with this person for a good hour, and just told my life story, to no regret, – what do I have to lose? rather the question of what is there to gain presents itself – EVERYTHING…. how will people know who you are – and for what reasons – if they cant hear your side of the story…. granted it takes an amazing individual to sit and listen, but that’s all it takes, an ear and a good story…. everyone’s life is a good story – so my rant tonight is directed at just that….. sit and listen.. take the time to meet someone new, take the time to tell your side of life, but also take the time to listen to theirs.

We are all amazing people, even if you think you story is cliche’ or boring, I guarantee it’s not.. because it’s your story – no one else’s.

Go ahead – tell your story – you never know – it may inspire someone else to tell theirs.. after all – getting to know your neighbor is always a great thing!

God Bless and all the best to you, and your neighbor….

always thinking of you,


This is my roommates and I from March of 2008..


March 2008

A lot can happen in ten years, and has.. but I still try to live by the same philosophy I had years ago.. 

Granted, I’ve grown up – a lot… but I still believe we are all amazing people and we all have a story to share.

Fact or Fiction: People care about content in social media posts?

When is the last time you scrolled through a newsfeed on social media?

What type of posts did you zip by, what types of posts caught your eye? Did you catch yourself asking “what the heck am I looking at?” Or do you just keep scrolling and scrolling..and scrolling..and scrolling until you realize you’re bored – not really gaining any value from what you looked at other than passing the time you had to (or shouldn’t have had to) waste..?

So why do we do it? Why do we spend countless hours a day taking selfies that you spend more hours perfecting than the impression that they leave, or scrolling endlessly through videos of puppies learning to howl or pandas tripping over themselves or people going on “viral” rants about how they “just don’t get it”.. sound familiar?

For something that consumes so much of our time, why are we not looking for more value? Is it our attempt to break away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world moving around us? Is it a way for us to “escape” from our reality? Or is it just a habit that has just become a part of us, regardless of the value it had/has/will have..?

Facebook has announced it’s changing the way they handle content its users post and will see, it wants to make the users’ experience more genuine and revert back to its original intent – to connect people and allow them to share in the experience…

Sounds nice, but is it what we really want? Do we want to be genuine, are we willing to sacrifice the flood of memes, gifs and prank videos for Sally’s engagement photos, Phil’s vlog post about a cheeseburger he ate, Mark’s “I just don’t get it” vague posts, or Tim’s 34 poll questions/answers a day..?

I think Facebook is trying to save itself from the mass exodus of their users – thinking it’s because of the type of content that saturates our newsfeeds, when in reality – I think people are just getting bored and looking for something more exciting.. you know, like taking a picture with a puppy filter or going on a rant about the gal who was so.rude. with the pac-man face-changing filter.. you know, real quality stuff.

So, do we really care about content anymore? Nah, we just want a good laugh or an “aww” moment.

If we want real content, we’ll just visit a blog or news sites.. oh wait.

In the effort of feeding us content social media platforms’ algorithm tells it we will probably like; these platforms have forgotten that if it’s real content we’re after – we’ll find it… we’re just probably not using social media to find it..

no diggity.

How are we to come up with a decision without thought?

you may laugh at this question, but I believe the new trend is to make “impulse” decisions.. act now, fix it later.. or better yet, let someone else fix it.

Our actions have consequences, better yet, the lack of actions have consequences. We have to think out our decisions, rationale and purpose: all of the above, before acting on these “impulses”.

There is a process to be had when deciding on something, so many factors come in to play, yet it’s becoming more and more apparent that we only think out one of the many factors: the “what’s in it for me”.. which is ok to *think* about… but basing our decisions primarily on this factor would be leaving out many other possible conclusions…

Actions=results..  wait, what? Poor actions=poor results.. yeah, that’s more accurate.

Think about it, I’m a true believer of: “what you put into it, you get out of it”.. but what are you putting your time towards? is it just a “what is in it for me” situation or is it “how will this better me, help me get to where I want to be” It’s not about the “what’s next” rather “what’s the purpose, and how do I fit?”.

If we only apply this aspect of rationale into our decisions I believe the end result will be more beneficial for everyone at stake.

Do what you must, be who you will, but strive to be a better you. Think, step, think again, and jump, and thank others for helping you make the leap.

Make it possible, live, reflect, embrace and live on.

no diggity..

Tom and crew March 2006

A hand-made tomorrow starts with recognition today. Here now, possible because of yesterday.

Press Play and read.

There is a certain perspective of life in which I feel inclined to share… It may not be my own, it may not be yours, but it’s just a perspective….(or three).

Have you pressed play, yet?

Success varies based on perception, what is the true meaning of success? And when can we feel as though we have succeeded. I work in a profession where we strive to have our customers succeed, it’s our job. I see them succeed and am proud, very proud of their accomplishments, yet when they don’t seem as they have succeeded, fully, does that reflect on me? I see progress in them every day but I don’t think they stop and realize their own accomplishments. I’m all about a person wanting 110% of themselves but I also would wish they’d stop and reflect.

We are so caught up in the “what’s next” we lose focus of the now. I believe we need to stop and say “hey, I did it” *breathe*, and then move on to the what’s next.. we forget to breathe and reflect. I’m guilty with the rest of them, our minds are a watery pit of dreams and wishes, but our souls lack self-gratification.. We always want more, whether it is “things”, emotional or self-actualization, we tend to forget to stop and *breathe*; giving our self-credit for our accomplishments of the now.

I’m so very proud of the people I work with and for, each and every day, I don’t know if I show it enough. I don’t know if we show it enough. Is society to blame; expectations that we are doing what we need to do in order to get the job done? Even then, I think credit is due.

We get so caught up being the waves, in constant motion, taking part of the greater picture that we forget that we are a wave chasing the shore, alone it would take too long and would be a long journey. Together, we make it possible.

Give credit where credit is due. It’s ok to have high expectation of yourself, but in order to feel accomplished you must give yourself credit that you are making it possible. Doing so will make searching out the next big thing seem more achievable.

Maybe this isn’t making sense. That’s my own fault, I seem to be struggling with this very issue, myself. Just trying to make sense of it all.

I saw a sunset tonight, it’s not the first time, but it made me stop in my tracks and think of the bigger picture.. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people around me and a little luck. For that I am extremely grateful, but am I making it count? Are you? I can’t say, am I basing my success off of my own expectations or what I think others expect of me? Now that’s the real question. But what do I have to compare it to? I am just one person, with one life, this is my first and last go of it. Am I making it count? I hope so, but I could probably be more appreciative of the others that are helping me along this journey known as life.

Be you, do you, but don’t forget about the people who are helping you along the way.

What are we running from, what are we running to? I think that’s where we get so caught up in chasing tomorrow that we forget if we are running from or to a destination. Where are you going? Stop, *breathe*, reflect and keep on keeping on. You’ve got this, you just need to remember what you are trying to get, the destination in which you seek. Are you running from or running to?

Each and every day is a new day, but don’t forget about the people who helped you get through yesterday. They are the same people who will help you get through tomorrow. We are caught up in the tomorrow, but make sure the people of yesterday are there for you tomorrow. All it takes is a little recognition, self and for others.

We are all in this together, just waves in an ocean, seeking the shore. How will you get there?


(So the shaggy guy with a beard in the picture my pops)

Get lost.

trying to get lost in a world full of direction.

In a DiY world, we are so focused on the end product, the destination, the end result, that we forget to enjoy the process. So often we are searching for direction to what’s next with out knowing what we truly want.


With so many destinations, are we ever lost?

Has it become more difficult to lose your way than it has to find it?

Sometimes we need to step back, look around, and take a hard right. Make your own path, be OK with not knowing what you are looking for or where you are going. (Within reason, don’t do this if you are actually lost in the wilderness – I speak figuratively)

Some of my most enjoyable adventures have been where I know where my journey begins, but have no destination in mind.

How does this translate into the real-world, the everyday 8-5?.. I’m not sure, but I’m ok with that, just enjoying the journey.