Get lost.

trying to get lost in a world full of direction.

In a DiY world, we are so focused on the end product, the destination, the end result, that we forget to enjoy the process. So often we are searching for direction to what’s next with out knowing what we truly want.


With so many destinations, are we ever lost?

Has it become more difficult to lose your way than it has to find it?

Sometimes we need to step back, look around, and take a hard right. Make your own path, be OK with not knowing what you are looking for or where you are going. (Within reason, don’t do this if you are actually lost in the wilderness – I speak figuratively)

Some of my most enjoyable adventures have been where I know where my journey begins, but have no destination in mind.

How does this translate into the real-world, the everyday 8-5?.. I’m not sure, but I’m ok with that, just enjoying the journey.



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