Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..



I want to share a post I wrote for an old blog from

February 27th, 2008 – posted at 4:21AM

So here’s a thought – 

Good morning!

And what a beautiful morning it is.
I just wanted to say hello to all, tonight I was able to share a few drinks with friends, and managed to make a few new friends, perfect.

Now that I am all situated in our new place, life seems to be at peace.

I was on a week long binge of hate, for no real reason, I was just pissed off at the world, but this feeling faded.. actually quite abruptly, last night at about 11pm – all was well again.

I had an interesting experience last week – the walls were melting, everything was a color it was not suppose to be – to bring it to reality – it was like I was on acid – or so the experiences I have been told were experienced that night, I have no idea why this happened, I assure you, I was completely sober, but maybe it was a sign, things were not going in the direction they should be going, I didn’t do very much to resolve my “episode”, other then a little time and self reflection, which was enough – a cure all.

Where am I going with this? – no idea.

But you’ve read thus far, so please, humor me, and keep reading. 

Life becomes tough at times, things just do not make sense, no matter how hard you try – but perhaps you are not suppose to “make sense” of these “things” – they are only suppose to happen. this is what I did, I just allowed them to happen.
Just today, I made a new friend, someone who took the time to ask about me, very random, but at the split second they asked “tell me more”.. I had the decision, do I make the most of this – or do I let yet another opportunity slip. I sat down with this person for a good hour, and just told my life story, to no regret, – what do I have to lose? rather the question of what is there to gain presents itself – EVERYTHING…. how will people know who you are – and for what reasons – if they cant hear your side of the story…. granted it takes an amazing individual to sit and listen, but that’s all it takes, an ear and a good story…. everyone’s life is a good story – so my rant tonight is directed at just that….. sit and listen.. take the time to meet someone new, take the time to tell your side of life, but also take the time to listen to theirs.

We are all amazing people, even if you think you story is cliche’ or boring, I guarantee it’s not.. because it’s your story – no one else’s.

Go ahead – tell your story – you never know – it may inspire someone else to tell theirs.. after all – getting to know your neighbor is always a great thing!

God Bless and all the best to you, and your neighbor….

always thinking of you,


This is my roommates and I from March of 2008..


March 2008

A lot can happen in ten years, and has.. but I still try to live by the same philosophy I had years ago.. 

Granted, I’ve grown up – a lot… but I still believe we are all amazing people and we all have a story to share.


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