BSA 232 Social Media Follow-Back List 2021

This post lists BSA 232 students who would appreciate a follow and would follow back in return. 2021

2019 BSA 232 Follow-back list

The following BSA 232 students have requested to be on the follow-back list. Simply follow these fellow students’ blogs and they will follow you back. That’s the deal, if they follow you – you should follow them back. If you are unsure who they are you can always look at this list to verify theyContinue reading “2019 BSA 232 Follow-back list”

Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..   I want to share a post I wrote for an old blog from February 27th, 2008 – posted at 4:21AM So here’s a thought –  Good morning! And what a beautiful morning it is. I just wanted to say hello to all, tonight I was able to share a few drinks with friends,Continue reading “Times may be changing but our hearts stay true..”

Fact or Fiction: People care about content in social media posts?

Facebook is trying to save itself from the mass exodus of their users – thinking it’s because of the type of content that saturates our newsfeeds, when in reality – I think people are just getting bored and looking for something more exciting.. you know, like taking a picture with a puppy filter.. real quality stuff.